Calling features

Automatic Callback

Tired of a busy signal? Let Automatic Callback keep trying the busy line- and tell you when it's free. You simply dial the number you wish to reach. If the line is busy, hang up the phone. Then, pick up the receiver again. When you receive a dial tone, dial *66. A voice prompt will let you know the line is busy and that the system will keep trying for 30 minutes to reach your party. When the line becomes free, you will receive a special ring to let you know the line is now available. If you pick up the receiver, the party's number is automatically dialed. There's no need to waste time dialing and dialing. If you forget the feature is active and leave the house, the party will not be called and the feature expires after 30 minutes. If you receive a call while you are waiting for the callback, no problem. The system will remind you when your phone is free.

Calling Number Delivery

Calling Number Delivery lets you know the number of the person calling before you pick up the telephone. The phone needs to ring approximately 1 1/2 times. With this feature you only receive the number. (If you want the name and number, see Calling Name Delivery.) You must have a caller ID box or phone to see this information. If the information is not available, you will not be able to find out who is calling. CMTEL will guarantee delivery of information from all Davis County residents. The time and date will be delivered with each call. to top

Calling Number Delivery Blocking

You can control the delivery of your number to a caller ID device on a per call or permanent basis. By dialing *67 and then the number you wish to call, your call is marked private. The party called will not be able to see your number. Their caller ID device will say "Private" or "Anonymous". If you do not wish to dial the *67 before each call, CMTEL can put this blocking on your account. Every call you make will be blocked. Party's called have the right to block calls marked private or anonymous if they choose.

Customer-Originated Trace

Every customer has this feature available on his or her line. When pushing *57, the subscriber activates an immediate trace of the last incoming call. A voice prompt will tell you the call has been traced. You need to note the time *57 was pushed. Call the business office during their business hours within 24 to 48 hours. They will trace the call and have the information sent to the law center. The law center will contact you concerning the call. This information could be used to prosecute if desired.

Selective Call Acceptance

Do many of your calls come during supper? Use selective call acceptance to determine who interrupts your meal. By putting the telephone numbers of family or friends you wish to receive calls from, in a list, you will receive calls ONLY from those people when this feature is programmed. The unwanted callers will receive a message saying that you are not accepting calls at this time. After supper, turn the feature off and receive all calls again. This feature can also be beneficial for those who work varied times and sleep during the day. totop

Selective Call Rejection

This feature allows you to program a screening list to control which incoming calls are accepted. If there are certain numbers from which you prefer not to receive any calls, simply add them to the selective call rejection list and they will get a message saying that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Selective Call Forwarding

Do you need to be away from your phone, but don't want to miss a particular call? Program your selective call forwarding list so that call will be forwarded to the number you choose. You control which calls get forwarded.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting

Is there a special list of people that you always want to talk to? Program them to a special distinctive ring list. When the telephone rings, you'll know it's an important call by the special ring. If your call waiting beeps while you're on the line, you'll also get a special call waiting tone.

Anonymous Call Rejection

When someone calls your telephone number, they can choose to block their number so it won't show up on your caller ID. If they choose to mark their call private or anonymous, you can choose not to receive those calls. In fact, your phone will not ring. A caller who has purposely blocked their number will receive a messaging saying you don't accept calls that have been marked private or anonymous. They will be asked to unblock their number and call again.

Calling Name & Number Delivery

Calling Number Delivery letsyou know the number of the person calling before you pick up the telephone. The phone needs to ring approximately 1 1/2 times. With this feature you receive the name and the number of the person calling. You must have a caller ID box or phone to see this information. If the information is not available, you will not be able to find out who is calling. CMTEL will guarantee delivery of information from all Davis County residents. The time and date will be delivered with each call. totop

Call Forward Universal

This call feature forwards your call immediately to the number you designate. The phone does not ring at the original location, allowing your call to be answered timely at the forwarded location.

Call Forward Busy

Do you want to keep your callers from receiving busy signals? Call forward busy allows your call to be forwarded to another location where the caller can leave a message or talk to someone at that location. If you only have one line, send your messages to a voicemail box while you're on the Internet.

Call Forward No Answer

Answer your calls if you're home or let the voicemail get the call if you're not! This feature allows you to set your phone to ring from 2 to 9 rings before being forwarded to another location.

Call Forward Remote Access

When you're away from home and need to forward your phone to another location, remote call forwarding is the answer. You can change the forwarding on your phone from anywhere in the United States to ring at whatever location you desire. Your own personal PIN number provides security while giving you the flexibility needed. totop

Call Forward Fixed

Do you always forward your phone to the same location? Simplify the process with call forward fixed. You give CMTEL the telephone number where your want your calls forwarded. We'll program that number into our central office equipment. When you want forwarding turned on you will dial *88. Dial *68 to remove the forwarding. It's quick, easy and hassle-free.

Call Waiting / Cancel Call Waiting

Two things are really frustrating. One is getting a busy signal when you're trying to reach your own home; the other is missing an important call because someone in the house is using the phone. Call waiting stops these problems. A gentle tone tells you when someone is trying to call. You can put one party on hold and talk to another.The cancel call waiting function cancels call waiting for an individual call on a per line basis. This feature can be turned on before or during an important call so you won't be interrupted by the call waiting beep. Many cancel their call waiting while surfing on the Internet to avoid problems when downloading. If you have call waiting, you automatically have this feature.

Speed Calling

In an emergency, it's wonderful. Plus, since most people call the same numbers, it saves time and misdialing. Speed dialing lets you dial just one or two digits instead of the entire area code and phone number. You can assign up to 30 speed dial numbers.

Three Way Calling

When talking to someone, add a third person to the call. It's easy to coordinate family schedules or hold a telephone conference with colleagues. It is very simple to get started. Simply call the first party you wish to talk with. Once you have informed the caller about the 3-way call, hit the flash button (or hold down the switch hook for approximately 1 second and let it up). You will get another dial tone. Dial the second party's number. Inform them about the 3-way call. When you hit the flash button again, all 3 parties should be on the line. You cannot hang up from the conversation without disconnecting the other 2 parties. totop

Call Transfer

Call transfer is similar to 3-way calling, but allows the originator of the call to drop out while leaving the other 2 connected.

Distinctive Ringing (Teen Service)

Tired of answering the phone, only to find out that it's for your teenager? Add teen service to the line. Your teenage will have their own telephone number that rings in on 1 telephone line. When their teen number is dialed, the telephone will have a special double-ring to let everyone know which number is being called. The teenagers can answer their own calls and save you time running to the phone.

Warm Line / Hot Line

Do you have an elderly family member who has problems seeing the numbers on the phone? Make it easy for them to call you with a warm line. Just leave the phone off-hook for 30 seconds and the phone will automatically dial the number you have specified. This eliminates misdialing and the frustration of reaching the wrong party. A hotline is designed to dial only 1 designated party.

Bulk One Plus Blocking

This blocks all long distance calls when activated. All long distance calls are allowed when deactivated. Per Call One Plus Blocking You choose when a long distance call is made. With per call toll blocking, you dial a 4 digit PIN number (that you have chosen) before the number you wish to reach. When you hang up, the line is automatically blocked. When this service is originally set up, the PIN number will be 0000. You will need to change this to your own personal PIN. totop

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